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Monday, May 30, 2011

Random Thoughts

Sometimes I just get so many emotions flowing through me and its really hard to deal with. I know this sounds weird but I can feel so many emotions pump through my body. With every heartbeat I feel happy.sad.rage.angry.loving.peaceful.nothing. I can feel all of those emotions at once..thats probably my problem...when you mix that combination you get some crazy weird shit...well thats pretty much how I feel/think haha! I mean, I have the WORST ADD! Seriously! (Im not on meds or anything but I know I have it) and I think it effects my emotions too...ill be so happy then so sad then etc etc but most of the time im a really happy person!

You know, Ive been listening to the beatles a lot lately. I love them and they sound SO awesome when your high haha!! I feel like the beatles did so many drugs. I feel like they are just stoned as shit in their songs having fun and "feeling" the music....its like the next day they woke up and thought "damn I cant believe our songs sound so good now that were good sober. Haha!